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Diamond Finish Banner

Looking for some extra pop from your retractable banner stand graphics? Consider upgrading Diamond Finishfrom our standard Dye Sub MicroKnit banners to "Diamond Finish"! Diamond Finish is a special opaque polyester backer that we laminate onto the back of dye-sub graphics that get loaded into retractable banner stands.
Diamond Finish creates a nearly opaque graphic that has the vibrant color of dye sub fabric, lays nice and flat (no Inkjet curl at the edges) and retracts easily into the banner stand canister.  
If you have never tried Diamond Finish, please add it to your next retractable banner stand and I know you'll be pleasantly surprised how much your graphics pop!

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New AURA Lightbox Towers

AURA is a great backlit banner stand solution for any environment. Stable and stylish free-standing aluminum extrusion frame fits in perfectly with any existing display. Add one or multiple AURA standing Lightbox Towers to 10x10, 10x20 or island trade show spaces. 
The AURA is perfect for permanent installations and portable enough for easy transport in trade show applications. The round sides of this vertical frame have a far more finished and purposeful shape than typical exposed frames. Universal appeal of the frame is eclipsed by the stunning double sided backlit fabric graphics. The brilliance of Trifab Dye Sublimated graphics is second to none. The deep saturation and expanded pigment range of this process and material combo brings your image to life. 
Backlighting from the AURA Lightbox brings out the brilliant color and fine detail of your high-quality images. Photos, text and colorful design elements all benefit from Dye-Sublimated backlit Trifab graphics. The optional rigid graphic header can be printed with a full image on both sides. The header makes a great topper that enhances your message. 

 Create remarkable displays within 10’, 20’ inlines or larger island displays. Easy change-out of the fabric, so easy that you could have a new message every day of the show! SEG (silicon edge graphics) means message updates ship to your destination in an envelope. 

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Choosing the Right Display

Your company's display is often the first connection between your products and services and new customers. You want to leave a positive first impression. For this reason, design your display so that it publicizes your message quickly and conveys an appropriate image. Remember your goals and objectives for the show. Do you want to expand name recognition? Launch a new product or service? Increase direct sales? Your graphics, display and copy should be designed accordingly.

Attract Prospects Attention

Studies suggest you have four to six seconds to attract prospects' attention at the show, so keep your message simple. Make sure your headline says something important to your audience, like NEW or a promise to save them time, money, etc. Make your name or logo easy to see, however unless you are a household name it should not be the most predominate graphic on your display.

Determine your Display Budget

Will you use the display often during the year? If your future exhibiting plans are uncertain, consider renting a display. For frequent exhibiting, you may want to buy durable, long lasting display materials to counter the excessive wear and tear of frequent set-ups and dismantling.
Portable display systems are less expensive than custom-built systems.

Common Portable Displays and Exhibits:

Modular Truss and Hybrid Exhibits
Color and lighting can be used to convey your message. If you are not restricted to using company colors, consider the many studies conducted on how color affects moods and choose accordingly. Additional lighting can increase your booth's visibility in the crowd by 50% or more.
If purchasing a display is too expensive for your budget, consider decorating your booth with balloons, plants, skirted tables, foam board signs, banners, and carpeting. Your goal is to create a lively and colorful area.
The design, color, copy, and unique qualities of your display must reveal your company's image quickly to your audience at the show.  Think of your exhibit as the display window of your company store... a place where shoppers passing by will want to stop and browse.
For more exhibiting tips go to our Trade Show Tips.

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