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Sacajawea Portable Hybrid Displays

The fastest growing segment in the trade show exhibit industry is portable hybrids. Sacagawea blends upscale design with aggressive pricing that’s perfect for anyone in need of a lightweight portable hybrid display. Choose from three attractive design series, 65 compact and versatile displays, and terrific 10ft and 20ft configurations with multiple options.
Tension fabric graphics attach to a frame so the fabric is taut edge-to-edge, creating “tension.” Typically, the graphic has Velcro hook sewn along the border, usually top and bottom, and attaches to Velcro loop on the frame. A silicone bead or welting can also be sewn to the edge of the tension fabric graphic. Those are referred to as Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).
Sacagawea kits, are upscale, high-quality exhibits designed and priced for a cost-competitive, portable market. The displays are constructed from MODUL aluminum extrusions and manufactured to CNC tolerances. They are attractive, durable, lightweight, and inexpensive displays. Frankly, the risks are minimal. It’s an exceptional product built to last many, many years and designed to adapt to the exhibit marketing needs of any company. 
With Sacagawea, you can start with a 10ft x 10ft exhibit and expand to a 10ft. x 20ft. as your trade show schedule grows. Experience Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Displays in 10ft x 10ft and 10ft x 20ft inlines, complete with tension fabric graphics and durable MODUL aluminum extrusion frames.

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Perfect 10 Hybrid Displays

Perfect 10 may change your expectations of lightweight displays. The Perfect 10 packs into 1-3 portable Roto-molded cases. Each case weighs about 85 pounds, and each component fits neatly into reusable laser cut foam jigging.
Perfect 10 uses lightweight, structurally sound Modul aluminum extrusions, the same extrusions found in the renowned Visionary Designs exhibit line. The secret? Perfect 10 combines Modul extrusions, handy accessories, and tension fabric graphics into a revolutionary shape that does more than just show. It shows off!
It’s mesmerizing how the patent-pending reverse “S” appears to defy gravity. The magic of the Perfect 10 is all about creative design and smart engineering. The distinctive frame is engineered for perfect weight distribution and each functional accessory such as the cubby shelf, monitor mount, and dimensional signage enhances the Perfect 10’s visual and functional balance.
You work hard to find the perfect balance for your trade show marketing. Look to Perfect 10 for a display that combines large graphics and functional accessories into a stunning exhibit at a great price.

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BURST Fabric Pop-up

The BURST Fabric is a revolutionary pop-up system with a SEAMLESS dye sublimation fabric graphic. Your graphic and frame pop-up together to create a fantastic visual backdrop.
The BURST comes with three UNIQUE features; superior “J” Hook connectors, scissor glides, and reliable durability with a newly designed extrusion frame.
Set-up is a snap as shown in the set-up and takedown video below. It’s lightweight frame and portability make it a must-have for any event or trade show!
The BURST has a frame to fit any need you may have, including flat and curved floor and tabletop models.
With accessories like lighting and a rolling hard case, along with a convenient case-to-counter conversion, consider the BURST for your next event!
Whether its for Special Events, Road Shows, Press Conferences, Trade shows, Sporting Venues, Retail or Photo Shoots, the BURST! will exceed your expectations! Click here to learn more.


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