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NEXT! SEG Fabric Pop-up Display

The next big thing in modular SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) fabric displays has arrived, NEXT!
The Best of Both Worlds
NEXT! Modular SEG Fabric System is truly the best of both worlds. Combine the upmarket hard panel looks of custom SEG extrusion systems with the lightweight no tools ultra-portable world of pop-ups.
Truly Modular
NEXT! SEG Pop-up DisplayNEXT! doesn't stop there. A truly modular system, combine frames in many different ways to accommodate 10ft. 20ft. 30ft. inline spaces, or 20x20ft. and larger Islands. Create endless back drops and privacy coves for Events with a clean continuous image and professional presentation. All with no tools and easy set-up. Displays can be connected next to each other, on top of each other and at 90-degree angles.  Add counters, combine different size frames and lights to create powerful exhibits and pop-up interiors. 
The Best SEG Graphics
Don't settle for lower quality 4 and 6 color SEG graphics - With NEXT! Modular SEG Fabric Systems, your graphics will be printed 4K Grand Format, Sewn and Finished to perfection by professionals. Our special fabric is FR coated and when installed, the taut graphics have just enough stretch to pull out typical fold lines. Backlit systems also available.
Contact us today to learn more about this amazing new offering from Alliance!

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Simply put, 4K Printing Technology is the best dye-sub process we have ever had and the best on the market, period.  Pressing print on a printer is one thing, but producing Color Beyond Compare is another.  How has Alliance done this???  Think of a restaurant that utilized all the skills of the kitchen team, financial resources, ingredients, and several passionate chefs to create the “best meal you have ever had”.  By virtue of a team, experience, desire, and abilities to experiment, we have created something truly unrivaled in the US or Europe. 
With 4K Printing Technology the first thing you will see is absolutely striking color that’s vividness is what could be found in Lithography or Giclee printing.  What you won’t see is a dot pattern.  Yep, no dot pattern to the visible eye.  This means gradations are fluid, text can be 6 pt., skin tones are real and you will be able to visualize that “pop” or “punch” that is utterly jaw dropping.
• Vibrancy beyond compare
• No visible dots
• Virtually continuous tone images
• Smooth gradations
• black Black BLACK BLACK intensity
• Sharpest resolution out there
Contact us today for more information about 4K Printing!

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NEW Responsive Design Web Site!

Alliance is pleased to announce to our web site users that Exhibitorease.comResponsive Design has been redesigned and optimized for full screen, tablet, and mobile devices.  The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of your device. For example, on a phone, users will see content shown in a single column view; a tablet will show the same content in two columns portrait view or full screen landscape view.  
From mobile browsers to netbooks and tablets, look no further than Alliance to find what you need!

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NEW Premium Dye Sub Printing!

When Color and Detail are as important as your message, Super Premium Large Format Dye Sublimation delivers! Super Premium provides the most Vibrant, Intense and Accurate Large Format imaging on the market. Color and Detail that visually explodes off the fabric!
Super Premiums’s Vibrant Color is the benchmark for Large Format Dye Sub printingPremium Dye Sub Printing
Continuous tones are achieved through Cleaner Gradients. Super Premium Gradients are void of the telltale peppering of unwanted darker colors in delicate transitional areas like flesh tones
Neutral Grays are the foundation for correct image reproduction. 
Deeper, more saturated blacks without the loss of mid-tone details. Get all the darks without losing the mid range
Superior realistic imagery that is simply recognized as natural and correct
72” Large Format for a myriad of popular textiles
Expert finishing for all applications and hardware manufactures
Backed by Alliance’s commitment to provide you a hassle free experience that transcends the initial project
Better Graphics – Same Price! Innovation that helps you grow your business. Alliance’s Super Premium Large Format Dye Sub Graphics are offered to you at no additional cost

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NEW UV Printer!

Out with the old, in with the new. New UV that is.
UV Printer


Alliance is proud to announce a significant upgrade in your graphic options. UV printed graphics have been so popular that we ran our existing machines into the ground and now they are on their way to the scrap yard.

 UV direct print brings you;
* Better Print Quality
* Expanded Substrate Capabilities including PLEXI® and other Acrylics
* Faster Print Speed
* Increased Reliability
* Media Thickness increased from .75" to 1.5"
Alliance will continue to stock all your favorite substrate options like Sintra, Ultraboard and Coroplast just to name a few. But what about those custom jobs that require an odd substrate? No Problem, we also welcome approved supplied substrates. 
Items you might run across include;
- Ceramic tiles
- Canvas
- Vinyl Flooring
- Precut aluminum (Up to 100lbs max weight)
- Precut steel (Up to 100lbs max weight)
- Wood
- Laminated countertops (sorry, does not include Melinex)
- Cardstock
- Lexan - Sign grade Lexan preferred.
- Natural fiber - board and roll material
- Magnet material
- Stoplight - 8pt and 11pt paper stock that is opaque.
We're confident you're gonna love it, so give UV direct print a try and let us know what you think. 
Our commitment provides you with new processes, fabrication options, technology products and creativity, all packaged with hassle free service from one source.

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Event Tents

Perfect for community gatherings and more, Event Tents are inexpensive classic canopy style tents.Event Canopy Tent The canopies and side/backwalls are fire retardant and weather resistant providing a great shield against sun and rain and can be utilized indoors or out to promote your event. With four sides and a sloping canopy your message will be visible from all angles and distances. Push button metal levers make adjusting pole height a cinch! Canopy colors include white, red, yellow, royal blue, black, orange and green. Event Tents are also available in a variety of sizes.
Block out direct sun or wind with full walls or control traffic with half sidewalls. The Event Tent Weather protective canopy cover is made of durable outdoor fade-resistant polyester and has white powder coated steel pop-up support poles. It pops up in only minutes for maximum visibility and shelter. Outfit your tent with full color thermal imprinted spot logos and messages or full bleed dye sublimated canopy and walls to get maximum brand exposure at your next event!

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Print Capabilities

Have a Structure? We can Skin it!
For years we've been creating custom PREMIUM FABRIC GRAPHICS for any custom structure. Simply stated, Have a Structure? We can Skin it! Along with fabric our capabilities extend into the DIRECT PRINT, UV PRINT and LAMBDA LASER PHOTO graphic worlds.
Our goal is to deliver results that make you look good every day.
Lambda Printer
Photoprint - Digital Laser Exposed Graphics
  • Duratrans Backlit
  • Duraflex
  • Metallic
HDL Laminate
  • HDL Satin
  • HDL Matte
  • HDL Gloss
  • HDL Black
Large Format Fabric Graphics - Dye Sub process, Print to paper, Flash transfer dye method.
  • Banners, graphics, table throws and covers of any kind.
  • Over twenty different fabrics including opaque, translucent and mesh options
  • Select Large Format and Colossus Grand Format in 4 and 8 color versions
  • Large format graphics finished with silicone edge material
  • Large custom graphics of any kind
Large Format Graphics to rigid or flexible substrates - UV ink print process
  • Styrene
  • Sintra
  • Positionable Vinyl's (Controltac)
  • GreenBoard
  • Various Floor Graphic options
  • uVision-it! Commercial Grade Wallpaper
  • Print-on-it (80" backlit)
  • UltraBoard (Equivalent to Gator Foam)
  • Reposition-it Low Tac Temporary Vinyl
  • StreeTag Temporary outdoor ground graphic
Large Format Graphics to 9oz.,13oz. & 15oz. Vinyl's - Solvent outdoor ink print process
  • Solv-it! 13oz. Vinyl
  • Solv-it! Mesh Vinyl 9oz.
  • Solv-it! Blackout Vinyl, 15oz.
  • Solv-it 15oz Backlit Vinyl
To learn more give us a call!

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iPad Kiosk

MOD-1312 iPad KioskIntroducing the Portable iPad Kiosk, a durable, lightweight, and secure stand for second and third generation iPad's. Available in silver and black, the iPad's steel and aluminum construction make it ideal for trade shows, retail displays, or events where security and portability are essential.

The kiosk comes with a 4-plug internal surge protector and convenient cord management. Options include graphic wrap packages, brochure holders, and a Roto-molded case with wheels.

Learn more about the iPad Kiosk.

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HD Dye Sub Grand Format Printing

HD Dye Sub from Alliance brings you the absolute benchmark in Grand Format Dye Sublimation... The remarkable difference in image quality, detail, color, accurate representation of images in a continuous tone presentation, is unmatched by any previous technology. You will not believe the level of detail, control of gradients and mid tones reproduced through HD Dye Subs expanded color gamut and 1080 printing technology. 
Burst HD Dye Sub Tension Fabric BannerThe differences is in the details;
Latest Printing Technology   
Grand Format Size Up To 118"
High Definition 1080 dpi Printing
Vivid Deep Color
Increased Mid Tones
Lifelike Skin Tones
Smooth Gradients
Neutral Double Blacks
Alliance remains committed to helping you obtain, retain and grow your business by providing you with exceptional services and cutting edge superior products like HD Dye Sub.

Tags: dye sublimation graphic, fabric dye sub printing, grand format printing, high definition printing

Diamond Finish Banner

Looking for some extra pop from your retractable banner stand graphics? Consider upgrading Diamond Finishfrom our standard Dye Sub MicroKnit banners to "Diamond Finish"! Diamond Finish is a special opaque polyester backer that we laminate onto the back of dye-sub graphics that get loaded into retractable banner stands.
Diamond Finish creates a nearly opaque graphic that has the vibrant color of dye sub fabric, lays nice and flat (no Inkjet curl at the edges) and retracts easily into the banner stand canister.  
If you have never tried Diamond Finish, please add it to your next retractable banner stand and I know you'll be pleasantly surprised how much your graphics pop!

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