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Aviator Hanging Signs

Aviator structures are economical to own, simple to assemble, and easy to maintain. No tools are required and packing is a breeze because every part has a specific place in the durable Roto-molded case. It's that simple. It's that easy. It's that affordable.
The Aviator is designed to be beautiful, adaptable, and recognizable, whether it's for a 20ft x 20ft exhibit or an elegant special event. Choose from stock structures--rounds, squares, pinwheels, rectangles, and triangles in 2D and 3D shapes--or design a custom shape that communicates your unique message.
Let's begin by saying "no tools"—that's innovative and just plain smart engineering! Everything assembles with pushbutton connectors, and the instructions are straightforward and clear. The frame is made of lightweight 1.25" aluminum, precision milled using state of the art CNC equipment. With Aviator, you won't need an engineering degree or tools to assemble your overhead tension fabric sign. Just an opposable thumb. Now that's smart.
Fabric Frame Covers
Only the highest quality fabric and zippers are used for Aviator products. Every fabric frame cover is designed to last show after show, season after season. When it comes graphics, "Image is everything." Our unmatched dye sublimation printing is guaranteed to make your images pop on the show floor with bright, clear colors and crisp graphics. Graphics are an investment, and all fabric covers are packaged in a smart canvas bag to protect them during shipping and storage.
Quality Construction
All corners are precision welded and the tubes are CNC milled for parts that are durable and interchangeable.
Corner and Joint Connectors
We keep it simple: push-button connectors and pre-connected horizontal sections reduce assembly by two-thirds.
Packaging Options
Choose durable Roto-molded cases with wheels or heavy corrugated cartons. Optional jigging keeps the contents organized for quick assembly and easy packing, and to prevent damage during shipping.
Aviator graphics use a dye sublimation processes. This process provides vivid colors, superior image detail, and photo quality with deep rich color saturation and fantastic image quality. For larger or volume applications, dye-sublimation is available up to 120" wide; it's great for large banners that still need brilliant, permanent color.
Fabric Options
The standard fabric choice is PolyKnit. PolyKnit holds color, is lightweight, is wrinkle resistant, and is flame retardant (with certificates available upon request). Other fabrics are available. Fabric blocker is available for a nominal cost. Fabric samples are available upon request.
Pillowcase Construction
Our skilled sewing department takes extreme care when finishing the fabric hanging signs. Pillowcase construction allows for a snug, comfortable fit with an easy-to-use zipper for simple installation. Pillowcase construction guarantees a clean, finished look that molds to the metal support frame.

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Magnetix Eco-friendly Pop Up Displays

Magnetix Pop-Up displays are made in the USA using eco-friendly processes and materials and are affordably priced to fit any budget.

The new Magnetix line, is a complete reimagining of the traditional pop-up display, designed to take advantage of new technologies, practices and materials, to help minimize environmental impact while maximizing value. 
Here are some of the great innovations available in the new Magnetix line:
  • Fabric display panels are made of post consumer recycled plastic bottles
  • Aluminum frame made of up to 70% recycled aluminum
  • Graphics can also be printed on eco-friendly Bio-Flex mural panels
  • Optional LED lights minimize energy consumption without sacrificing brightness
  • Simplified components mean more efficient production and less waste
  • Specially designed light-weight frame minimizes total weight requiring less energy to transport
  • Durable rotomolded case made of recycled Icorene Resin protects the frame from damage ensuring it won’t end up in a landfill in 6 months or a year.
  • Made in the USA to reduce transportation distance and fuel usage eliminating the need for ocean freighters to import to the US.
  • California manufacturing facility adheres to the highest environmental standards in the country, and takes advantage of carbon offsetting to minimize environmental impact.

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Sacajawea Portable Hybrid Displays

The fastest growing segment in the trade show exhibit industry is portable hybrids. Sacagawea blends upscale design with aggressive pricing that’s perfect for anyone in need of a lightweight portable hybrid display. Choose from three attractive design series, 65 compact and versatile displays, and terrific 10ft and 20ft configurations with multiple options.
Tension fabric graphics attach to a frame so the fabric is taut edge-to-edge, creating “tension.” Typically, the graphic has Velcro hook sewn along the border, usually top and bottom, and attaches to Velcro loop on the frame. A silicone bead or welting can also be sewn to the edge of the tension fabric graphic. Those are referred to as Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG).
Sacagawea kits, are upscale, high-quality exhibits designed and priced for a cost-competitive, portable market. The displays are constructed from MODUL aluminum extrusions and manufactured to CNC tolerances. They are attractive, durable, lightweight, and inexpensive displays. Frankly, the risks are minimal. It’s an exceptional product built to last many, many years and designed to adapt to the exhibit marketing needs of any company. 
With Sacagawea, you can start with a 10ft x 10ft exhibit and expand to a 10ft. x 20ft. as your trade show schedule grows. Experience Sacagawea Portable Hybrid Displays in 10ft x 10ft and 10ft x 20ft inlines, complete with tension fabric graphics and durable MODUL aluminum extrusion frames.

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Perfect 10 Hybrid Displays

Perfect 10 may change your expectations of lightweight displays. The Perfect 10 packs into 1-3 portable Roto-molded cases. Each case weighs about 85 pounds, and each component fits neatly into reusable laser cut foam jigging.
Perfect 10 uses lightweight, structurally sound Modul aluminum extrusions, the same extrusions found in the renowned Visionary Designs exhibit line. The secret? Perfect 10 combines Modul extrusions, handy accessories, and tension fabric graphics into a revolutionary shape that does more than just show. It shows off!
It’s mesmerizing how the patent-pending reverse “S” appears to defy gravity. The magic of the Perfect 10 is all about creative design and smart engineering. The distinctive frame is engineered for perfect weight distribution and each functional accessory such as the cubby shelf, monitor mount, and dimensional signage enhances the Perfect 10’s visual and functional balance.
You work hard to find the perfect balance for your trade show marketing. Look to Perfect 10 for a display that combines large graphics and functional accessories into a stunning exhibit at a great price.

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Xpressions-Express is the revolutionary compact solution for your trade show display needs. Smartly packed in the super durable rolling case is an entire display.
X-Express makes it easy to go where your customers are. The case quickly transforms into a podium with a huge graphic face for maximum branding exposure. Within minutes your entire display will be up and looking great. 
Unpack the two included 1x3 Xpressions-SNAP units, depending on your kit choice the two units will be linked by two shelves and Xpressions fabric graphic skins. The collective result is a fantastic looking 8’ display with large podium, perfect for any 10’ x 10’ show space! 
The X-Express podium is as attractive as it is functional, lift the hard writing surface to reveal a spacious storage cubby. The podium holds specialty items and show giveaways, literature and more. 

 Xpressions has become one of the most sought after display options on the market, the X-Express Kits really do take the original Xpressions on the go! When the show ends, your entire display will break down and pack neatly into the travel case. Within minutes you will be on your way! 

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BURST Fabric Pop-up

The BURST Fabric is a revolutionary pop-up system with a SEAMLESS dye sublimation fabric graphic. Your graphic and frame pop-up together to create a fantastic visual backdrop.
The BURST comes with three UNIQUE features; superior “J” Hook connectors, scissor glides, and reliable durability with a newly designed extrusion frame.
Set-up is a snap as shown in the set-up and takedown video below. It’s lightweight frame and portability make it a must-have for any event or trade show!
The BURST has a frame to fit any need you may have, including flat and curved floor and tabletop models.
With accessories like lighting and a rolling hard case, along with a convenient case-to-counter conversion, consider the BURST for your next event!
Whether its for Special Events, Road Shows, Press Conferences, Trade shows, Sporting Venues, Retail or Photo Shoots, the BURST! will exceed your expectations! Click here to learn more.


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ShowStyle Briefcase Display

 Eliminate the need for panels that are awkward and clumsy. Photos, charts, signs or other visuals easily attach to the Velcro ready panels. Each ShowStyle briefcase includes a white arch top header with four tabs that enable the presenter to attach the header quickly and securely. 

The header easily packs away into special indentations located on the center panels back side. After a presentation, ShowStyle folds back into a “briefcase” with attached visual elements still in place for transport. You’ll love our exclusive hideaway handle grip. Push down to show, pull up to go. Walk in with ShowStyle, and make your next presentation an open and shut case.

Velcro ready fabrics available in Black, Blue, Silver, Burgundy, Royal Blue, and Purple.

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Premium Case & Counter

Expolinc Premium Case & Counter is a spacious transport case that in a minute converts into a stylish and stable counter. The soft, rounded corners of the top shelf create an inviting meeting point with your message exposed on the cover of the case panel. 

The case is designed with straight corners to fully make use of the package space while at the same time it is easy to store and carry. Premium Case & Counter is available as ready Pop Up case but can also be used for transportation of other portable display systems. 

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Choosing the Right Display

Your company's display is often the first connection between your products and services and new customers. You want to leave a positive first impression. For this reason, design your display so that it publicizes your message quickly and conveys an appropriate image. Remember your goals and objectives for the show. Do you want to expand name recognition? Launch a new product or service? Increase direct sales? Your graphics, display and copy should be designed accordingly.

Attract Prospects Attention

Studies suggest you have four to six seconds to attract prospects' attention at the show, so keep your message simple. Make sure your headline says something important to your audience, like NEW or a promise to save them time, money, etc. Make your name or logo easy to see, however unless you are a household name it should not be the most predominate graphic on your display.

Determine your Display Budget

Will you use the display often during the year? If your future exhibiting plans are uncertain, consider renting a display. For frequent exhibiting, you may want to buy durable, long lasting display materials to counter the excessive wear and tear of frequent set-ups and dismantling.
Portable display systems are less expensive than custom-built systems.

Common Portable Displays and Exhibits:

Modular Truss and Hybrid Exhibits
Color and lighting can be used to convey your message. If you are not restricted to using company colors, consider the many studies conducted on how color affects moods and choose accordingly. Additional lighting can increase your booth's visibility in the crowd by 50% or more.
If purchasing a display is too expensive for your budget, consider decorating your booth with balloons, plants, skirted tables, foam board signs, banners, and carpeting. Your goal is to create a lively and colorful area.
The design, color, copy, and unique qualities of your display must reveal your company's image quickly to your audience at the show.  Think of your exhibit as the display window of your company store... a place where shoppers passing by will want to stop and browse.
For more exhibiting tips go to our Trade Show Tips.

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