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Exhibition Services

Read your Exhibitor Kit! The Kit, which is provided by the show, alerts you to deadlines, describes services offered, outlines insurance requirements, and explains what you need to know to ensure a smooth process. For example, did you know that missed service deadlines for some exhibition halls can add an additional 20% onto your expenses? Information like that is important when developing your budget and schedule for the show.

Show services can include electric, carpeting, phone lines, furniture, props, cleaning services, and drayage. Decide which of these services you need. Verify with the show’s contractor that the location of your booth allows for all of your lighting and utility requirements.

Drayage involves the delivery of your exhibit materials from the loading dock to your assigned space, removing the empty crates, and then, after the show, returning to your space to deliver the re-crated materials to the loading dock for shipping.

You can reduce your drayage expenses by consolidating all your show materials into one shipment. It is highly recommended that your exhibit materials arrive at the show’s service contractor warehouse prior to the designated setup date. Call the contractor a week prior to the show to confirm that all your materials are together and ready for setup.

Remember to bring all paperwork with you to the show to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. Documentation will ease the resolution of any problem that may occur with your show services and deliveries.

Finally, try to establish a good working relationship with your show service contractor. Your contractor can help you troubleshoot, handle critical details, and pave the way for a successful show.