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Our Prices

We sometimes get asked why we don't have prices on our web site. Here are three reasons why we don't list them:
Customer Guarantee1. Nearly every display is offered in more than one color and size, with or without graphics, single or double-sided, varying graphic options, and so on... While it's possible to list all these choices online using countless drop-down menus or lists, we feel most will find all the choices confusing and probably won't know what they're getting.
2. Like many companies, we offer a range of products with differing price points. We offer quantity and duplicate discounts along with non-profit, education, designer and agency discounts. So instead of having multiple sets of prices or showing one set and not another, we just don't show them.
3. You can always reach us by phone, and we prefer the personal interaction and immediate feedback on our pricing and product selection. If you have questions or feedback, we want to hear it, and you won't have to fight your way through a phone maze to reach a real human. There's also a request-a-quote link on every product page. 
We acknowledge that our approach differs from most. We've been doing it this way for over 20 years.  In fact our clients often tell us how refreshing it is to receive some old fashion personal service. Any time you need a price or want a quote, please give us a call.