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What's Green?

Our commitment to the environment is evident throughout the product lines we offer.  Our banner stands, pop-ups, truss and hybrid displays are constructed of recyclable materials including aluminum and steel.  Virtually all of our corrugated packaging is made from recycled and recovered paper fiber.

We offer four great recycled fabrics and Greencore Substrate combined with our select water based printing process:

Xpressions Recycled

  • 88% Recycled Content
  • Xpressions Graphics
  • Surprisingly Vivid Color

MicroKnit Recycled

  • 55% Recycled Content
  • Flat Graphic / No Curls
  • Green Banner Stand Fabric Choice

Celtic Recycled

  • 59% Recycled Content
  • Good Color and Opacity
  • Super Strong
  • Green Alternative for General Banner Use


  • 100% Recycled Content
  • From 100% Post Consumer Products
  • Durable Fabric with Beautiful Finish
  • Deep Image Saturation/Water Based Inks

Plus... Greencore Substrate

  • Collaboratively with Eco•Systems
  • The Green Substrate Alternative
  • Forest Stewardship Council Certified Wood
  • Printable Biodegradable Substrate

Working closely with our clients and partners we'll pursue to offer products manufactured with minimal waste from recyclable and or sustainable materials to ensure a "Green future".