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grand format printing

HD Dye Sub Grand Format Printing

HD Dye Sub from Alliance brings you the absolute benchmark in Grand Format Dye Sublimation... The remarkable difference in image quality, detail, color, accurate representation of images in a continuous tone presentation, is unmatched by any previous technology. You will not believe the level of detail, control of gradients and mid tones reproduced through HD Dye Subs expanded color gamut and 1080 printing technology. 
Burst HD Dye Sub Tension Fabric BannerThe differences is in the details;
Latest Printing Technology   
Grand Format Size Up To 118"
High Definition 1080 dpi Printing
Vivid Deep Color
Increased Mid Tones
Lifelike Skin Tones
Smooth Gradients
Neutral Double Blacks
Alliance remains committed to helping you obtain, retain and grow your business by providing you with exceptional services and cutting edge superior products like HD Dye Sub.

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