LightenUp Backlit Displays

LightenUp 10ft Backlit Display in Room

LightenUp combines intelligent design with 4K Print Technology and our Illuminate backlit fabric to set a new standard for portable backlit displays.

No Tools ~ Plug & Play ~ Quick & Easy

LightenUp incorporates many design features to make set-up, take-down, and transportation quick and easy. LightenUp requires NO TOOLS to set up, making it truly a “plug and play” backlit display. Details like these can only come from a partner who knows all the “in’s and out’s” of display products. 

Features include:

  • Extruded PVC frame is lightweight, yet durable with a profile that adds both structure and function
  • Integrated lights and wiring means LightenUp is truly “plug and play”
  • No tools are required for set-up or when connecting
  • Frame extensions allow each LightenUp frame to be set up at two heights: 6-1/2ft and 8ft.
  • Integrated sturdy PVC foot rotates into position to provide a stable base for light boxes
  • Proprietary Z-bent metal foot intelligently designed to make installing graphics a breeze and brings exceptional stability to larger, stand-alone light boxes
  • Proprietary interior support bars are gray instead of white to produce an evenly lit graphic free of “hot spots
  • Lay-flat electrical plug keeps the light box standing tall and straight
  • Frames can be quickly joined together by adding a small connector to the outer channel
  • Accessories such as shelving and monitor mounts can be easily integrated by connecting into the inner channel 

Combined with Illuminate the next evolution in backlit fabrics. Illuminate reliably bounces back from the wrinkly rigors of the road, quickly smoothing itself out when installed. All with no need to roll the fabric on a tube. Vivid, soft to the touch, wrinkle resistant, and powered by 4K Print Technology, Illuminate is sure too dazzle.

Backlit displays can be used any time you want to call attention to your message, including Trade Shows, Retail, Museums, Healthcare and Hospitality!

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