Introducing Symphony, the first portable/modular display to blend easy tool-less assembly with elegant design and clever accessories. With Symphony, there are no compromises, no tradeoffs. Simply a beautiful, upscale display at a price that’s thousands less than most custom modular exhibits.

With 4K Printing Technology the first thing you will see is absolutely striking color that’s vividness is what could be found in Lithography or Giclee printing. What you won’t see is a dot pattern. Yep, no dot pattern to the visible eye. This means gradations are fluid, text can be 6 pt., skin tones are real and you will be able to visualize that “pop” or “punch” that is utterly jaw dropping.

THANK YOU for helping us create these items for our anniversary celebrations!  We've received so many compliments.  People love seeing the anniversary branding in new and unique ways. Thank you again for all of your work and for being such a pleasure to work with!

Lisa Rafdal

Morningstar, Inc.