LightenUp offers an ultra-portable, plug-and-play option to capture the budget conscious purchaser. While the product won’t bust your budget, it doesn’t sacrifice features that reinforce our reputation for quality products designed with the user in mind. LightenUp backlit displays combine intelligent design with 4K Print Technology, and Illuminate fabric to deliver you unsurpassed performance and value.

Product Features


Extruded PVC Lightweight Frame
Durable with a Profile that Adds Structure & Function
Integrated lights and Wiring is Truly “Plug and Play”
No tools are Required for Set-up
Two heights: 61/2' and 8'
Integrated Sturdy PVC Foot Rotates Into Position
Proprietary Z-bent Metal Foot 
Installing Graphics is a Breeze
Exceptional Stability to Larger, Stand-alone Light Boxes.
Proprietary Interior Support Bars Free of “Hot Spots”
Lay-flat Electrical Plug
Frames can be Quickly Joined Together with Small Connector
Optional Shelving and Monitor Mounts Available 



3ft Wide Kits
Size: 35.98'w x 96"h or 33.98"w x 78.75"h
Weight: 31 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 15" x 43.5" x 7.25"

5ft Wide Kits
Size: 60'w x 96"h or 60"w x 78.75"h
Weight: 42 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 19.5" x 46" x 7.25"

8ft Wide Kits
Size: 96.22'w x 96"h or 96.22"w x 78.75"h
Weight: 53 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 15" x 46" x 14"

10ft Wide Kits
Size: 118.11'w x 96"h or 118.11"w x 78.75"h
Weight: 57 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: 15" x 46" x 14"

Artwork Templates