Comfort Tile Interlocking Designer Flooring

Comfort Tile Designer interlocking tiles with a simulated wood finish are an easy and economical way to add color and creativity to an exhibit or event. They are very easy to install -- just set the tiles down and you're done! And because no adhesives are required, the tiles are simple to reposition and reuse.

Perfect for a wide range of uses, including trade show flooring, events, product demonstrations and much more.

Product Features


Interlocking Tiles Set-up in Minutes
Four Selections: Maple, Dark Oak, Walnut and Grey Wood
Available in 2ft x 2ft or 2ft x 4ft Tiles
High Density EVA Finish for Easy Cleaning and Added Dupability
Beveled Edges
Resists Cuts
UPS and FedEx Shippable
Optional Custom Inlays
Optional Electric Channeling



Tile Sizes 
2ft x 2ft / 2ft x 4ft


50 lbs. for 10ft x 10ft

One Year Warranty

Artwork Templates