ExhibitorEase Guide: Managing Leads

Lead Generation Card

Managing the leads generated at the show is critical for measuring the results of your company’s participation. Often, an exhibit team at a busy show will gather leads rapidly and without set procedures in place. The result can be disorganization and confusion over which prospects qualify for a follow-up course of action after the show. Here are some proven methods that will help you coordinate and manage your leads more efficiently.



  • Set Goals
  • Appoint a Team Leader
  • Design a Lead Card
  • Establish Lead- Handling Procedures
  • Develop Specific Questions
  • Assess Leads Daily with Team
  • Implement Follow-Up System
  • Track Leads
  • Measure Results

During your pre-show planning process, with the help of your sales team, set specific goals and appoint a team leader to organize and coordinate all leads. If the show does not offer a badge-scanning device, design a simple lead card that records visitor information useful for follow-up. To save time at the show, ask each prospect for a business card and attach it to the lead card.

Prepare set questions for your sales reps to ask each visitor to ensure that enough information is gathered for effective follow-up. Develop a lead card rating system, such as #1 (ready to buy), #2 (needs more information), and #3 (not qualified), so that you can quickly implement your established follow-up procedures.

Meet with your staff at the end of each day to discuss and analyze all of the leads. Some members of your team may have valuable insight into the follow-up handling of specific prospects. The team leader is responsible for collecting lead cards and expediting follow-up procedures. Send the qualified leads by overnight mail to your home office for immediate action. Be sure to follow-up no more than 5 days after the show.


Section 1: Planning for the Show
Section 2 :Choosing the Right Location
Section 3: Choosing the Right Display
Section 4: Attracting Visitors
Section 5: Promotional Giveaways
Section 6: Exhibitor Sales Techniques
Section 7: Managing Leads
Section 8: Exhibition Services
Section 9: Shipping
Section 10: Common Exhibitor Mistakes